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Coconess Basil Bath Oil, 110 g
Coconess Basil Bath Oil, 110 g Coconess Basil Bath Oil, 110 g Coconess Basil Bath Oil, 110 g

Coconess Basil Bath Oil, 110 g

  • Brand: Coconess
  • Product Code: CBBS
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  • Rs. 450.00

Coconess Basil Bath Oil is a delicate blend of deep-hydrating, nourishing and healing essential fatty acids to keep skin soft, supple and glowing. You won’t be using your regular lotions after you use our Basil Bath Oil, we promise (provided you follow our instructions, every day).

Key Benefits: 

  • * Nourish, hydrate and protect skin
  • * Make skin soft and supple
  • * Rich in anti-oxidants, micronutrients and vitamin E
  • * Essential fatty acids similar to skin lipids make skin youthful
  • * Helps fight free radical damage
  • * Exfoliates naturally and ever so gently
  • * Helps prevent skin infections, lesions

    Product Description

    A deeply relaxing and reparative bath oil, that will most certainly replace your daily moisturiser. Made with rejuvenating and hydrating virgin coconut oil, calming basil and refreshing orange peel extract, to bring long-lasting relief to dry skin, while healing and repairing connective tissue. 

    Coconess Basil Bath Oil is the ideal blend of light, non-greasy oils that will hydrate skin, making it soft and supple. More importantly, these oils, full of natural anti-oxidants and micronutrients, will fight free radical damage, and help protect the skin. Regular use will help prevent liver spots, dark patches and blemishes.

    Why Coconess is better than daily lotion: we use hand and body lotions to soften the skin and prevent it from feeling dry and chapped. Many lotions and creams however, are at least 50% (and often more) water. The water is quickly absorbed into dry skin, and as water enters, it expands and plumps up the tissue, making skin feel smoother. But this amazing feeling is only temporary. As soon as the water evaporates, or is carried away by the blood stream, that dry, wrinkled feeling returns.

    Instructions for use:
    * Scoop out a tea spoon and apply onto your body, just after a bath
    * You can put the oil into a mug half-filled with water, and use it to spread all over skin.
    * This will ensure that the oil spreads well, and that you do not need to use too much.
    * A little goes a long way!

    Ingredients: virgin coconut oil, grapeseed oil, basil extract, orange peel extract.

    Net Qty: 110 g

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