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Coconess Bottom Balm, 100% Natural, Soothing
Coconess Bottom Balm, 100% Natural, Soothing Coconess Bottom Balm, 100% Natural, Soothing Coconess Bottom Balm, 100% Natural, Soothing

Coconess Bottom Balm, 100% Natural, Soothing

  • Brand: Coconess
  • Product Code: CBB
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  • Rs. 350.00

A wonderfully soothing natural nappy rash balm made from the purest extracts of nature. Free from additives of any kind. Heal and treat nappy rash, cradle cap, rashes, itches, cuts and bruises naturally with Coconess Bottom Balm.

  • * Soothes nappy rash, cradle cap, wounds and scratches
  • * Soothes postpartum perineal soreness
  • * 100% natural; 100% safe
  • * Rich in anti-bacterial medium-chain fats
  • * Free from mineral oil, parabens, artificial chemicals
  • * Free from Lanolin, thickening agents
  • * No artificial fragrance
  • * Hypoallergenic

Net wt: 120 ml/110 g

Product Description

A healing, soothing bottom balm for:

  1. Nappy rash, itches and sores
  2. Cradle cap, dry scalp
  3. Postpartum perineal sores
  4. Prenatal and postpartum haemorroids

Coconess Bottom Balm is made from virgin coconut oil – nature’s richest source (52%) of Lauric Acid – a medium-chain fatty acid that is otherwise only found in mother’s milk. Lauric Acid is one of nature’s most powerful anti-microbial, wound-healing agents in nature.

Babies being in diapers over extended periods of time means that their cute bottoms are in direct contact with unpleasant microbes and plastic. This can irritate sensitive areas considerably. Wipe baby’s bottom and private parts down with warm water, and apply a thin layer of the bottom balm to help soothe and prevent nappy rash, itching and sores.

Vaginal delivery puts an enormous pressure on the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus). A week or more of tenderness in the general area ensues, and needs some help to heal and get back to normal. Equally, C-section births mean big stitches that are painful when new, and itchy when they begin to heal. Help the healing process by applying the bottom balm to sore areas. Completely safe, naturally anti-microbial, and will even help deal with vaginal itching, without having to use chemical ointments.

Instructions for use:

  • * If liquid (above 22 degrees Centigrade), leave in refrigerator 20 minutes before use
  • * Scoop out a small amount (pea-sized helping) of Coconess Bottom Balm
  • * Apply onto bottom, dry scalp, itches or sore areas
  • * Ideally apply just after a bath, or before bed time
  • * Use any time as a bottom-wipe

  • Note: Do not put moist hands in jar.

    Net wt: 110 grams/120 ml

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