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Organic India Cappa Gift Box 60 Tea Bags
Organic India Cappa Gift Box 60 Tea Bags Organic India Cappa Gift Box 60 Tea Bags

Organic India Cappa Gift Box 60 Tea Bags

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Cappa Gift Box 60 Tea Bags with Canvas Golden Print Top Cover best for Best Corporate Gift, Birthday Gift, Return Gift & The Perfect Surprise Gift for Every Celebration...

Gift Box Contain 10 Tea Bags of each Tulsi Masala ChaiTulsi Green Tea JasmineTulsi Green Tea ClassicTulsi Green Tea PomegranateTulsi Original Tea & Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger.

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Pour 250-350ml freshly boiled water over 1 infusion bag in a large cup or small teapot. Cover & Steep for 03-05 minutes for maximum benefits.Add sweetener if desired. Best when consumed without milk.

10 Tea Bags of Tulsi Masala Chai (serving size 1.74g per infusion bag) - Sweet, Spicy and enlightening, ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Masala Chai is a winner! We’ve combined our favorite blend of freshly ground, organic spices (masala), premium Assam Tea and the finest Tulsi with all its impressive health benefits. Delightful plain or with milk and sweetener, ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Masala Chai is an everyday sweetener. ORGANIC INDIA, Tulsi Masala Chai is an everyday encounter with the exotic. Less Caffeine plus great taste and aroma make this a healthy, tasty and daily delight.

10 Tea Bags of Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine (serving size 1.74g per infusion bag) - ORGANIC INDIA, Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine is Stress Relieving & Enlivening certified natural tea. It is health promoting combination with great taste and aroma. This delicious tea will definitely make your day and let you feel enlivening and energizing. It contains natural caffeine present in Green Tea. With the jasmine and green tea, you can enjoy the health benefits of Tulsi.

10 Tea Bags of Tulsi Green Tea Classic (serving size 1.74g per infusion bag) - A healthy and refreshing tea for all tea lovers. This tea is made using a perfect blend of Tulsi herbs and Green Tea. 100% organic certified, this tea has become quite popular for everyone. Not only this tea is healthy but also it has a distinctive taste of Tulsi and green tea, which is not available in ordinary green teas. Green tea and tulsi are rich in antioxidants. Consuming this tulsi green tea has numerous health benefits. It eliminates toxins from the body, guards against cold and cough, helps in weight reduction, and builds immunity. A perfect health drink, this is a must-buy if you really want to stay fit and healthy. The wonderful combination of both tulsi herbs and green tea helps in refreshing and energizing the body and mind.

10 Tea Bags of Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate (serving size 1.74g per infusion bag) - From the range of organic products, ORGANIC INDIA offers Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate. It is the symbol of good health since ancient time, pomegranate flowers combined with the goodness of three types of Tulsi leaves, health-promoting Green Tea and Hibiscus flowers with pleasant Raspberry flavor. An all-time refreshing tea can make every time a tea time. 

10 Tea Bags of Tulsi Original Tea (serving size 1.74g per infusion bag) - Tulsi Original tea is a must-buy for tea lovers. 100% organic certified this tea is made using a perfect blend of the three varieties of Tulsi leaves. Rich in antioxidants, this Tulsi tea is used to promote a healthy metabolism for anyone. You get the earthy, toasty flavor in this tea with its invigorating blend of extraordinarily potent, naturally restorative tulsi leaves. The hints of lemon and citrus from Vana Tulsi, the calm depth of Rama Tulsi and the slightly spicy tones of Krishna Tulsi have all been combined together to create this delicious, yet energizing tea. The tea is caffeine & gluten free and gives a soothing and relaxing feel. 

10 Tea Bags of Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger (serving size 1.74g per infusion bag) - Awaken your senses with this transformative blend of Tulsi bursting with pungent ginger, accented with fresh lemon and blended with nutrient-rich Green Tea. This exotic flavor blend is great for digestion too!

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