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Organic India Joint Pain Relief Pack
Organic India Joint Pain Relief Pack

Organic India Joint Pain Relief Pack

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ORGANIC INDIA Joint Pain Relief Pack - Ageing comes with decreased joints mobility…. Any damage to the joints from disease or injury can interfere with ease of movement and cause a lot of pain. Diseases that cause painful joints like osteoarthritisrheumatoid arthritisbursitisgoutsprains etc are very common… These supplements together can help ease pain and increase joints mobility.

ORGANIC INDIA Joint Pain Relief Pack is best combination of :-
ORGANIC INDIA Flexibility 60 Capsules
ORGANIC INDIA Osteoseal 60 Capsules
ORGANIC INDIA Turmeric Formula 60 Capsules
ORGANIC INDIA Cinnamon 60 Capsules


ORGANIC INDIA Flexibility Ayurvedic Capsules - This herbal formulation provides the highest bioavailable calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and amino acids. Each capsule contains Harjor (supplies calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C, and promotes bone formation), Sahijan (provides nutritional support to bones) and shatavari(immunomodulator, antioxidant).

ORGANIC INDIA Osteoseal Ayurvedic Capsules - This whole-herb formulation helps reduce joint swelling, relax muscle spasms, decrease morning stiffness, and improve joint mobility and joint repair. Painkillers can cause peptic ulcers, so Flexibility soothes the stomach, helps treat peptic ulcers and provides pain relief. Each capsule also contains antiinflammatory Motha and Guruchi and anti-stress organic Ashwagandha.

ORGANIC INDIA Turmeric Formula Ayurvedic Capsules - Make use of anti-inflammatory turmeric (haldi) for dealing with joint pain. It also supports bone and joint health and is also extremely effective in protecting your immune system.

ORGANIC INDIA Cinnamon Ayurvedic Capsules - Universally known to improve metabolism and reduce inflammation, Cinnamon is an effective guard against joint pain. It also has anti-oxidant properties, helps maintain blood sugar levels, and improves appetite and digestion.

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