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Organic India Pink Rock Salt Crusher 100g
Organic India Pink Rock Salt Crusher 100g Organic India Pink Rock Salt Crusher 100g

Organic India Pink Rock Salt Crusher 100g

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ORGANIC INDIA Pink Rock Salt (Sendha Namak) 100g Grinder Bottle. Full of minerals and trace elements including Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron & Phosphorous.

This powder is made from the reddish-pink granules of Pink Rock Salt that is all-natural, sourced from Himalayan cliffs, where they have crystallized over millions of years in a pristine and unpolluted environment. ORGANIC INDIA brings to you a healthy choice of salt straight from nature which is 100% authentic and of high quality. It is naturally abundant in essential minerals which provide immense health benefits. Pick ORGANIC INDIA Pink Rock Salt Powder for a balanced diet and wellness.

  • FSSAI Certified & 100% Natural

Direction to use: Sprinkle on fruits, salads, soups and all other types of foods. Mix with herbs to make seasonings for pizza, pasta, and spaghetti. Ideal for daily cooking and adding flavor. 

FAQ - 

Q - Is pink rock salt better than normal salt?
Ans - Yes, pink rock salt is natural and more beneficial as compared to normal salt available in the market which is processed one. It is purest among salts. (Bhavprakash Nigantu, G S Pandey, Chaukhambha Bharati Academy, pp 154-57)

Q - How pink rock salt is superior to other salts?
Ans - It consists of natural electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc. and other trace minerals which are more helpful to our body health as compare to mixing it from outside.

Q - What benefits our body gets by consuming natural pink rock salt?
Ans - It is favorable in blood pressure, digestion, immunity, kidney disease, thyroid function as well as in migraine. It improves overall health. (Indian Materia Medica, KM Nadkarni Vol -2, pp 108-109.)

Q - Do we can consume pink rock salt daily or occasionally?
Ans - Taking pink rock salt daily will prevent our body from many life-threatening diseases as compared to taking it occasionally like during fast or another special occasion.

Q - Is switching from table salt to rock salt will affect our health?
Ans - Our overall health improves if we switch towards pink rock salt since it contains electrolyte like table salt as well as other natural trace minerals not found in table salt beneficial for us. 

ORGANIC INDIA Pink Rock Salt (Sendha Namak)

Values per 100g 
Energy0 Kcal
Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein0 g
Sodium Chloride98%
Calcium225.86 mg
Magnesium197.80 mg
Potassium45.38 mg
Iron7.09 mg
Phosphorous1.44 mg


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